And So We Begin..Again..

My blog hiatus has been well over a year now, and I felt it was time to dust off the fingers and begin again.  My kids are bigger, louder, and quite possibly more obnoxious than ever.  I still feel that Chardonnay is best served chilled in a washed out Starbucks cup at 4 in the afternoon at the park.   Pretty shoes are still my passion must to Mr. QM’s dismay.

There have been some changes.  We have moved for one, but we still own our other house–THANK YOU ECONOMY.  This past year has given me plenty of material with regard to the four 20 something boys leasing our old home.  Did you know that paying your rent in full is optional as long as you send a really nice note with your partial rent payment?

Another change is that I am considering my future as a writer more and more seriously now that the Politician is potty trained and institutionalized a couple of days a week.    I am not sure where this will go, but the blog is as good a start as any!

Finally, I celebrated my 35th birthday this year, and I have high hopes for it being the best year ever!   If it isn’t, no worries-I will celebrate my 35th birthday next year, too.

I have missed so many of you, and I am anxious to update my blogroll and catch up with all of you!



PS Anyone have a good person to design a blog page?

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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