Design on a Dime? More like Design Don’t

Today against my better judgement, I found myself watching “Design on a Dime.”  This is the show that for $1000 transforms your room from drab to FABULOUS using flourescent paint, plywood, vegetable crates and a variety of dollar store knick nacks. Lovely.

Today’s show had a bachelor wanting a Vegas feel to his living room.   The designers were up to the challenge!  After painting the room a horrendous SMURF blue, the designers added chocolate curtains and a jewel tone blue upholstered sofa.  Oh but this sofa was custom made y’all-with plywood, foam and cheap sateen.   Best part-a removeable back so you could semi recline and use it as a daybed..except not really since it was more love seat size than sofa size.

The highlight of the room was a piece of “art” made by the homeowner that was comprised of various jewel tones.   Hanging it on the bright blue wall created an eye raping display that elicited gasps of delight from the former McDonald’s cashiers highly qualified designers.  News flash-the colors did NOT complement or even contrast well.  I only took a semester of interior design but the first class on the degree plan is COLOR.   Seems that the HGTV producers tend to the colorblind designers which hey-ADA and all, but come on-the rest of us have to look, too.

Finally, what is Vegas about this room?  It looked like a mix of Dr. Suess and West Elm-NOT MGM LUXOR or whatever it is called.  The designers kept commenting about the “furniture” that they were building-with its modern and clean lines.  All I could wonder is if the laminates that were gluing on plastic to make it look like wood were BPA free.  If not, I am predicting some serious legal backlash via a class action suit of Design on a Dime victims, er, clients.

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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