The F Word

The FLU has found our home.  My caveman sighed, “I wish I was at school today so I could be learning stuff.”  Remember when you were in Kindergarten and loved school?   My second grader tried to pretend that HE was the one sick-no dice, lawyer.

So, while my bookends enjoy their hours of being institutionalized.   The caveman and I relax on my bed with coffee (me), boogers (him-gee wonder how he got the flu with such great hygiene) and Disney Channel.   We have a doctor’s appointment later to confirm my expert diagnosis-years of watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Now the only thing to do is wonder how many days I have until the next one falls.

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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