School Party Drama

So my friend was in charge of craft activity for the school’s holiday party. She asked for input weeks before the party- radio silence. So my very busy friend who has three children 6 and under and a very demanding career went out to find a craft with her daughter. They picked out a cute craft but the party coordinator didn’t like it because it was too Christmasy. Uh yeah- where were you three weeks ago instead of three days before the party?

On another note, I have a friend who is a former events planner. She volunteered to coordinate her child’s party. Enter psycho wannabe mom who calls her and practically begs to take over the party because she feels the moms who signed up wouldn’t “follow through”. My friend told her where she with her bad mom hair and talbots jeans could shove it. By the by-the party was so cute as If there was a question.

Moral of the story- be very careful what you volunteer for at school because there is always someone who thinks their glorified Walmart version is better. Let them have it.

You should volunteer and be involved but much better to be there looking gorge and not sweaty and stressed. Leave that to the moms who look like that all the time anyway. As long as you are there and open a few juice boxes, your kids will be happy.

PS a wise man once said room mom= class nag. Take it from me- he’s called a “wise” man for a reason!

Merry Christmas!

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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