I’ll Never Look at a Spool of Thread the Same

In my never ending journey towards beauty nirvana, I recently took a delightful and unexpected turn when I stumbled into the threading salon of Ms. Mala.

Threading is an ancient technique of hair removal practiced in Asian and Middle Eastern countries for centuries.  The practice involves intertwining thread between the hairs on your eyebrows, chin or face and pulling the hairs out in a very precise and even manner.  The practice is nearly painless not to mention quick.  The best part?  After your threading has finished in about five-eight minutes, you don’t leave the salon with a cherry red complexion and irritated bumps likely to turn into their own colony of white heads on your skin.  Instead, you leave with calm gorgeous skin and a rather heavy pocketbook because the eyebrow threading costs $8.

Everest Salon located in East Dallas offers impeccable service not to mention a clean atmosphere.   I was there when she opened, and she had me in the chair and out within 10 minutes.  She warmly welcomes walk ins, and the other woman waiting with me told me that the best part of the experience is being able to run in on her way to work or after work and knowing Mala will fit her in without any attitude or drama.

I am already looking forward to my return visit to Mala, and I plan on interviewing her more on the art of threading for a future post.  However, don’t wait for that post to try out threading because I have  a feeling that Ms. Mala is going places..one spool at a time.

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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