Take a CHILL pill…

Seriously, some women at the pool get SO bent out of shape about nothing.  I mean, so one of your kids pushed your other kid in the pool when they were supposed to be drying off subsequently causing said kid’s towel to get SOAKED, not WET, SOPPING WET SOAKED.   Is that a reason to get all pissy and go Mommie Dearest on your kid at the pool?   Not it’s not, but I, uh, I mean that MOTHER did anyway.

Yup, full on Mommie Dearest as in, “How dare you get WET at the pool and get your towel wet as well?  WHAT were you thinking?  If that is the type of behavior that you are going to engage in-we are just NOT going to the pool tomorrow!”

Seriously?  Seriously? Why don’t I just shoot myself in the head RIGHT NOW?  I am going to have to seriously figure out a way to break THAT edict.

The funniest part of the whole situation happened when we got home.  I am still being a total bitch disciplinarian when I send them to shower.  After cooling down, I pop them popcorn to eat while they do their daily reading.   When I bring the popcorn into the lawyer he says, “I’m sorry for yelling at you, er, I mean, playing around at the edge of the pool when you told me to get dry.”

The lawyer knew that I would be apologizing for yelling and had it in his head.  That made me feel a million times better because he expected rational mom to return after a cooling off period.  Love that little guy.

Still pissed about the soaking wet towel–I just have issues about soaking wet laundry.  Don’t ask.  Louisa will make it better tomorrow.  I think I need a glass of wine or three.

Not Feeling Very Mary Poppins-like today,


About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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