What’s Your Truth Serum…

If I could find the woman who coined the phrase, “In Vino Veritas..”  I would vacillate between shaking her and hugging her.  Of course, the phrase was coined in Ancient Rome so the likelihood of me actually meeting this chick is null and void. However, it does make me wonder what event caused her to coin the term.  Let’s face–women get chatty when they drink.  This was definitely a female no matter what paternal order forbid women from thinking in Ancient Rome.

Recently I polled several girlfriends–I think three-so definitely a large random sampling–look I am a writer-screw that science crap.  At any rate, out of the four of us–our truth serums only varied in type of alcohol.   Red wine, Vodka Martinis, White Wine and Mojitos were the top contenders with certain people having more than one column checked.   Ahem–never mind which people this is a random sampling.

I find myself thinking about the truth a lot lately.  My characters are struggling with personal truths in the  same way as everyone does in this world.   Combine your personal struggles with trying to craft believable characters and plot and then, watch yourself become paralyzed imagining those closest to you looking for your battles in your writing.   Enter–your truth serum.    Always smart?  Probably not.  Wimpy?  Yes. Honest?  Absolutely.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that most of the writing instructors in my life recommend a bottle glass of wine when working on your writing.  All of the best truths in a person particularly anyone creative have been pushed deep into their gut just to function in the regular world.

Never mind that most writers wander around talking to the characters in our projects while trying to create truth in characterization. However, no one pays much attention when you are mumbling to yourself as long as you have a wine glass in your hand.  Well, except if you are at car pool pick up, that is something I would highly recommend one NOT do.  I hear that a rinsed out Starbucks cup works well for that purpose NOT that I am recommending it at least not on my first glass of wine.

My hope as a writer and a person is that I eventually get to a place where the truth serum becomes less necessary to say and write what I really feel.  I’m not going to be too hard on myself though.  Life is a long time, and sometimes the things you wait to say end up being the best truth of all.

Truthfully Yours,


About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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4 Responses to What’s Your Truth Serum…

  1. Breeze K says:

    I don’t think the truthfullness of my thoughts are tainted just because I just came home from a wine tasting, though my spelling may be… But I can’t really think of anything that squeezes transparancy out of a person more than alcohol. Really. Um… except maybe sleep talking? I recall a friend telling me once at a teenaged sleepover that I was mumbling in my sleep, so she whispered in my ear, “Look, there’s Shiloh” (hot guy I had a crush on at the time). I sat right up and looked toward the window with my eyes closed, saying “Where?!” No memory of this the next day. I hadn’t had a drop. Really.

  2. redisbest says:

    For me, it’s not alcohol that brings out the truth — it’s anger. Alcohol definitely makes me have looser lips, so I’m chattier, and secrets aren’t as safe, but I don’t think secrets are the same as the truth. Usually when I don’t tell the truth, it’s to save someone’s feelings or to make sure everyone else around me is comfortable. When rage overtakes me, all of that sympathy and empathy goes out the window, and the truth comes spewing out. The truth is dangerous. Colonel Jessep was right in “A Few Good Men” — most people can’t handle the truth. I think we’re all the poorer for it.

  3. Breeze K says:

    People without inhibitions are funny. Just talk to anyone with Alzhiemers.

  4. Sunnie says:

    Captain Morgan. I stay away from that stuff now. *paranoid*

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