Are you kidding me? No really. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Ladies, let me explain a few things to you. First, there are WAY more men than women out there. WAY MORE. As in, you already have that advantage. Next? You live longer than men. You are likely in better health. AND BEST thing? Men need you way more than you need them.

Men don’t have the capacity of deep relationships with numerous people. Their max is maybe 2-3 people aside from children. In other words, while you have all the support of girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, guy friends, family, etc. The guy is kinda flapping in the wind waiting for YOU to give him the validation that he desperately needs. He might even try to get validation from more than one woman just because he is so desperate for a connection and afraid to be alone.

Here’s the thing though–you don’t have to settle and praise God/Allah/Mother Earth because some douche (who probably wears Ed Hardy if he has elicited this sort of unsolicited praise on your Facebook status) has decided that he will give it to you a few times a week. Guess what? YOU, my dear, are the prize, not him.

You can go out and meet another guy tonight. Here is the secret though–if you are wallowing in a pathetic situation where you feel GRATEFUL for a man’s attention, then, you are not in any position to be pursuing a relationship at all. To borrow from one of my favorite people in the world, If PS=GA then U=NR (If pathetic situation=grateful attitude then you=no relationship). Equations are fun.

I wish more women would just be happy pursuing themselves first–NOT a guy. That doesn’t mean you cut yourself off from men. It simply means that you put yourself first even if you are in a relationship. And NEVER for God’s sake–post that you are “Thankful for the Love of a Good Man” on Facebook. Actually here is a better clue, unless you are MARRIED to a person, don’t even bother with the Facebook proclamations, etc. Do you want to have a relationship or a Facebook Relationship Status?

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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  1. Kailin says:

    Great stuff, you helepd me out so much!

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