The Red Bandana Wearing Vigilante..or Why I MAYBE Could Date a Homeboy..

Ladies (and Men–don’t lie, I know you read):
If you haven’t seen this video, you must click and see for yourself the enigma that is Mr. Antoine Dodson, a young man whose ire and indignation at his sister’s attack inspired him to pen a song where he explores the torture of his soul. His plea for justice spoke to me, and I found myself wondering–could I date him? Watch the video and follow me as I ponder the imponderable.

Can you see now why I am so drunk confused? Let’s get right to it. Perhaps typing it out will clear my head..

1. Fashion Sense-Antoine doesn’t just wear that red bandana he OWNS it. Usually guys look so cheesy in do-rags–NOT Antoine. Pairing the red bandana with the wife beater white tank top-FETCH. It gives me hope that he will not only recognize but respect my love of four inch stillettos with red soles. How could he not? Red IS his favorite color. (I can just tell)

2. Protective– Antoine shakes that rolled up piece of paper/arrest warrant/eviction notice in a way that suggests he is ready to defend his sister’s honor in any way possible. Body language never lies. He is going to put a cap in anyone who messes with his women.

3.Considerate-Antoine doesn’t steal the limelight. His sister, Kelly, gets her say, BUT he is also considerate to us the listener and doesn’t let her yammer on about her problems while we are trying to listen to him lay down a dope track.

4.Vulnerable– Antoine isn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side. He cautions women to “hide their husbands because they raping errbody out there [sic}” He allows us to see men’s weak side and their terror of being violated whether it is in the projects or prison.

5.Poetic-Antoine is deep. The writer in me can’t get past the “You are so dumb..You are really dumb fo real…” I actually loved the part of that song SO much that I had to make it a ringtone and assign it to certain people actually one person-obviously a boy in my Iphone contact list. Can’t you imagine both of us working late at night by candelight for a romantic effect or because the electricity was shut off?

Well, those are the facts. They are compelling reasons if I do say so myself. The fact that I have the perfect ringtone for someone is almost enough to push me over the edge, BUT I do have doubts. Since this is a blog and not a Tolstoy tome, I am going to leave those doubts for tomorrow’s installment. Until then, XOXOXOXOX!

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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