Rough Creek Lodge: Disneyland for Little Boys and a Mom’s Happiest Place on Earth

Determined to make good on a Thanksgiving Feast for 2010 that did not include the phrase, “Do you want fries with that?,” I e-mailed Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas on Thanksgiving night. I said, “I need a room, any room. I need to save Thanksgiving!” Little did I know, that not only would I be saving Thanksgiving, but that I would create memories with my boys better than any trip to Disneyland.

I woke the boys up on Friday morning, and I told them that we were going to a ranch with hills as far as the eyes can see, fishing and hunting. They asked if we could skip breakfast and leave straight away! I managed to pack us and down a cup (ok-five) of coffee, and we set out for our outdoor adventure.

Immediately upon arrival at Rough Creek, we were escorted to our spacious room overlooking the children’s bounce house, bungee trampoline, zip line and rock climbing wall. From our balcony, acres of Texas grasslands rolled out in front of us including a large pond with a boathouse and fishing docks. The boys were out the door to paradise before I could make dinner reservations.

After a busy afternoon exploring the grounds including the Beretta Room, Petting Zoo and of course, gift shop, we were ready for a before dinner treat. Every evening at 5pm, weather permitting, Rough Creek takes visitors on a hayride. My four year old perfectionist is still talking about the sunset and how beautiful it was almost a week later.

At dinner time, we were escorted into Rough Creek’s spacious and inviting main dining area. Our table close to the children’s buffet and next to the roaring fire set the perfect scene for a Thanksgiving Feast of quail, pheasant, fresh seasonal greens and delicious wine pairings. The personalized attention to each aspect of the meal was one of the most pleasant parts of dinner. When my pheasant wasn’t prepared to the Chef’s satisfaction, he decided to remake it and sent out a complimentary Crab ceviche as a mid-course. The children’s buffet included the usual kid fare as well as roast chicken and vegetables. Dessert included a cranberry crisp with cinnamon ice-cream, brownies and Rough Creek’s amazing chocolate chip cookies.

Sated and happy, I had considered the perfect after dinner activity of roasting marshmallows by the outdoor fire pit. After all, what little boy doesn’t love fire? However, my boys had other plans. The kid’s party at the Kid’s Ranch was in full swing, and they didn’t want to miss a minute.

After entering the Kid’s Ranch and seeing the pool and air hockey tables, video game consoles and large screen tv for movies, I could understand why the boys wanted to stay. I settled them each in with the capable and engaged sitters, and I wandered back to the Big Lodge for an Irish Coffee and some quality time with my Ipad.

I picked up the exhausted boys at 9:15, and we headed to our large room filled with Aveda amenities, a coffee pot, snacks and inviting linens. We settled into the plush surroundings and enjoyed the peaceful slumber of the country.

Our “imperfect” Thanksgiving had come full circle to perfection, and with the promise of shooting practice the next day, the boys settled with only HALF the amount of potty talk than usual. (they ARE little boys after all–my giggling didn’t help)

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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One Response to Rough Creek Lodge: Disneyland for Little Boys and a Mom’s Happiest Place on Earth

  1. Maria J says:

    I loved your post. It was absolutely heart-warming. I’ll definitely be looking into the Lodge!

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