Why the Lawyer Might Need Reform School

This is a repost from last summer. I will be back with something new next week, but for now..enjoy last summer.

As I was driving the children today, the professor was yammering on and on about camping (seriously..big yawn), but being a sweet mother I was responding with the requisite, “Uh-huh’s” and “Yes, sugar” while mentally singing Mama said Knock You Out in my head. However, the LL Cool J vibe came to a screeching halt when I heard the following:

Professor (6.5): So Mommy, when YOU take us camping…

Me: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Why are you discussing me and camping in the same sentence? That is what your father does, not me.

Professor: I know but you said..

Me: Oh honey, no. Camping for me is the Four Seasons, and you are welcome to come along (in my head: provided I can pay for your separate room and 24 hour baby-sitting)

Lawyer (9): Heh. That’s not camping that’s hanging out at the pool with a margarita.

Me: Excuse me?

Lawyer: Oh except when you and your girlfriends start squealing and talking to each other.

As if this wasn’t bad enough–enter Perfectionist (4)

Perfectionist: Mommy! How do babies get out of your tummy?

Me: Oh, they just do…

Perfectionist: But how?

Me: Oh look! An ice cream place. Let’s talk about it after a treat!

Lawyer: Heh. You just don’t want to tell him.

I am wondering two things:

1. How much Rum Raisin one would have to consume to catch a buzz?
2. Where did I get such a mouthy child?

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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