The Rarity and Value of Diamonds…

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. ~Confucius

I am having a hard time writing this, an exceptionally hard time.  At first, I couldn’t think of a thing to say, “Yes, me..” Go ahead and laugh but it does happen on occasion.  I guess it is because I feel particularly prone to criticism at the moment or rather..the barbs of criticism-spoken and unspoken.

Let’s face it, I know that there are people reading this who do not wish me well.  They have a smirk on their face wondering what “faux pas” of honesty or vulnerability that I might impart that will cause them to roll their eyes and dismiss me.  However, I don’t write for those people.  I am not even sure that I write for my supporters.

I am not sure WHY I write at all except for how it makes me feel which is purposed although for what-I’m not sure yet.  I’ve written about my sister’s life and death, my children, my ex-husband, and friends.  I’ve written about my books both of which are rather stagnant at the moment.   I’ve written about life changes  several of which are on the horizon AGAIN–struggling with those, too at the moment.

Through it all, one thing has remained..when I write, I shine…it is the best of me, and I’m not afraid to give it to you, you or even, you.  I would rather write, be vulnerable, and follow my heart no matter how imperfectly than be just another pebble.  If I’ve learned one thing recently, it is that not everyone will see your value, but it doesn’t make you less valuable, it makes them less discriminating.

I am thankful for the God-given insight that I am sometimes able to impart to those when they need it.  And I am thankful for all of you…supporters or not–because you encourage me to continue being the best person and writer that I can be and tell about it here.




About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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One Response to The Rarity and Value of Diamonds…

  1. Kimberly A. Graham says:

    You write, because it’s what you do. It’s your gift and it’s your job to give it. Great observations.

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