Hello Fresh-Review

As a busy working mom of three, I would never have time to write without a little help!  So, I’m reviewing different products that make my life a little easier.

As such, the boys and I tried out the “Hello Fresh” ap.  Now, a few disclaimers for which you should take note:

  • My children are the easiest eaters ever-as long as the cook is competent, they will eat it.
  • Second, the lawyer, my oldest has learned to cook from me, and he’s pretty adept in the kitchen himself. He definitely knows the difference between cous cous and Israeli pearl cous cous as well as how to sear brined chicken-the fact he knows how to brine at all.  Seriously, this dude could teach a class.
  • Third, we don’t eat or buy pork and not because we are “allergic for religious reasons” as the politician so cleverly put on a school form screwing himself out of pepperoni on Pizza Day.  Our rejection of most pork products is because of religious reasons only (no allergies) but we aren’t full on kosher and yes, bacon sneaks in every one in a while.  I find pork as a meat repulsive looking thus, I don’t purchase or prepare it making our menu selections for Hello Fresh fewer than if we did but not at all limiting.

So with those disclaimers noted, here are the pros of Hello Fresh and why you might consider adding it to your rotation.

It’s so easy-a teen could make it.  The food for each recipe is delivered to you in a bag with clear instructions including pictures that even a novice in the kitchen can follow. My 15 year old made the above meal for us which I plated to mimic the Hello Fresh picture.  It was tasty and delicious.

All of the needed ingredients are sent to you requiring you have on the hand the most basic items-think oil, salt and pepper.  Everything is packaged separately, so it is easy to discard anything you don’t care to use.  We chucked the white pepper in one recipe and used our grinder for fresh black peppercorns.

The recipes are delicious and straight forward, and the ingredients are fresh and stay fresh for several days.   Something I learned–the meat is packaged separately UNDER the brown bags.  On our first delivery, we didn’t realize this, and our meat wasn’t refrigerated in time.  We had to buy additional meat which wasn’t the end of the world, but I felt the need to give a heads up.  The meat comes beneath the ice block at the bottom of the box!

Cost of meals is competitive particularly in our foodie forward society with millennials obsessed with using EVOO for sauteing when an oil with a lower boiling point like Canola is better with the EVOO being saved for finishing.  I’m a big believer in spending money wisely for quality products, and the money spent on these products is a wise purchase compared to eating take out!

The only con for Hello Fresh  is you still have to prep, prepare and clean up the mess, and this can make it a less viable choice for the super busy household.  If you have a teen like the lawyer who likes a clean kitchen as much as his mom, then it’s a win.  But if you have a teen like the lawyer who spends the majority of the late summer and fall in intense sports training, well-with all the moving parts from my job, other activities for two other kids, and only one parent doing all the work; it might not be the best busy weeknight in a pinch move for dinner.

However, in the end, being able to choose several meals that will arrive weekly with fresh meat and produce for you to prepare whether you purchase through Amazon Prime Now or the Hello Fresh AP, it’s a win!  It’s my understanding that bags are also being offered at Sprouts for those who shop in the store.  I’ve given up in store shopping for many of the above reasons which is a shame because I love grocery shopping but not as much as I love having all the gorgeous food appear in my fridge for me to prepare when I have time.

I will definitely keep the Hello Fresh option in mind for certain weeks and times when my nanny will be home with the younger two who can play sous chef to her cooking or a weekend night when I’m cooking for myself and another grownup.

I find the Hello Fresh option a weekly homerun for stay at home moms and dads, working parents with small children who aren’t involved in a lot of late night practices, work from home moms and dads, and young couples trying to curb the take out bill.

About Jen Cross

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, I enjoy writing books about life in Dallas and relationships and their many ups and downs.
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