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The Devil is in The Details…or the DeCluttering..

When I was a young girl with blonde ringlets sullenly cleaning my room before going to play, my mother would often remind me, “The Devil is in the Details..” She meant that even the smallest things when overlooked can haunt … Continue reading

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Rough Creek Lodge: Disneyland for Little Boys and a Mom’s Happiest Place on Earth

Determined to make good on a Thanksgiving Feast for 2010 that did not include the phrase, “Do you want fries with that?,” I e-mailed Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas on Thanksgiving night. I said, “I need a room, … Continue reading

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The Year That We Ate Whataburger for Thanksgiving

his Thanksgiving wasn’t meant to be anything but challenging. An ex-husband in Austin, a sister in the hospital, my mom, oldest brother and his family on an RV to Iowa, my other brother with his wife’s clan, my dad doing … Continue reading

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The Perfectionist is Thankful..Sorta…

Watching yourself grow up before your eyes as you raise your difficult gifted child is always interesting. Daily, I consider how my mother must have handled the contrarian bratty entitled inquisitive nature of mine as I attempt to parent my … Continue reading

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Things that are Gray..Possums, Sean Connery..

I was running low on blogging material last night so I thought I would drop by Senator McPrudy’s house aka my mother to see what chicanery she had gotten herself into lately. I was also fairly certain that since they … Continue reading

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Drink, Write, Run

Tomorrow, I leave for four days in beautiful San Luis Obispo to attend the Central Coast Writer’s Conference with Nathan Bransford whom I have a stalkerish school-girl crush on. No worries, Nathan, I know you’re married and have that dumb … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!   Take a moment to remember those who have died to allow us the freedoms and privileges of this country.   Also, take a moment to remember the families of the fallen.

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