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Wisdom from the Perfectionist..You Learn A Lot in Four Years…

he perfectionist often has much to say…but his favorite time to say it is generally pre-8AM. This morning was no different as he lectured me on a variety of subjects. Religion: Perfectionist: Mommy, are my eyes gween? Me: Hmm..maybe blue-green. … Continue reading

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The Dress…

It occurred to me this morning that it really makes no sense that the dress that you wear on the most important day of your life is a dress that you wear only once. It’s worn, cleaned and preserved perhaps … Continue reading

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“Smart is the new Sexy…”

So, I recently had an argument with one of my married guy friends about sex appeal.  No worries-his wife was standing right there laughing her ass, ahem, herself silly at our interchange.  I’m nothing if not appropriate in my sex … Continue reading

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Smooth Talker…

Today, we are on our way to the pool, and my ipod started kicking good ol’ Yaz.  I explained to the boys how my college bestie, and I used to jam to this ALL the time. Lawyer (9): So is … Continue reading

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Rain Boot Chic

It’s a deluge out there in the Park Cities! Time to review our rainboot chic. Seriously, ladies. It seems all it takes is a little water for y’all to let your fashion sense go to hell in a handbasket. GET.IT.TOGETHER. … Continue reading

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The Dallas Blonde or “Watch Out, Bitches”

As I sit at Al Biernet’s bar waiting for Patricia Robinson Washington to arrive, I sip a glass of wine and chat with one of the partners from my ex-husband’s firm. Of course, he asks me about my book, and … Continue reading

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What Southern Belles REALLY Do at Bridal Showers

Women are a mysterious race.  We have our own way of communicating, dressing, and dealing with stress.  But if women are mysterious in and of themselves–there is a particular group of women that are downright confounding–Southern Women.  We are in … Continue reading

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Sun, Sand, Sex

This is how I am describing my book to people that ask. Short, direct, and to the point, and for some reason, it really gets men interested in reading it. I wonder if they understand it is fiction? Eh-I don’t … Continue reading

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Thank You for Being a Friend…

RIP Rue McClanahan aka Blanche Devereaux.  You and your crew were the original Sex and the City teaching us all that girlfriends are the ones with you until the end.  High five my altar ego, Sophia, for me.   Tell … Continue reading

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Second Day of Summer..

And I am already parenting via Nintendo DS Pokemon games and Curious George. It isn’t my fault though!  The professor (6) needs a new bike if we are to continue our early morning bike rides! Of course, we could go … Continue reading

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