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Patience is a Virture…I love you, Mom.

y mother recently admonished me to have more patience with life, my friends, and myself. Who better to teach me about patience than my mother? “The patience of Job” was said about her often. She raised five children, taught high … Continue reading

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Dear Lady At the Coffee Shop…

I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation about the guy who you like..who you think likes you although he has never said it but you are pretty sure exchanging daily emails proves it although he has never asked you out … Continue reading

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Dear Sleestack…or Why You Should Mind Your Manners on the Internet

STOP!  WAIT!  Before you read THIS post–click HERE to read and comment on My Favorite Things Give-Away.  PS Because I am so sweet-if you comment on the current post, you get your name in the drawing as well.   ear … Continue reading

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“Smart is the new Sexy…”

So, I recently had an argument with one of my married guy friends about sex appeal.  No worries-his wife was standing right there laughing her ass, ahem, herself silly at our interchange.  I’m nothing if not appropriate in my sex … Continue reading

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Divorce is Scary

There.  I said it.  Are we all happy now?  Divorce.  Divorce. Divorce.   Everyone in my inner circle knows how much I hate that word.  It’s harsh, ugly and the antithesis of everything that I’ve tried to achieve in my … Continue reading

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Things that are Gray..Possums, Sean Connery..

I was running low on blogging material last night so I thought I would drop by Senator McPrudy’s house aka my mother to see what chicanery she had gotten herself into lately. I was also fairly certain that since they … Continue reading

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The Dallas Blonde or “Watch Out, Bitches”

As I sit at Al Biernet’s bar waiting for Patricia Robinson Washington to arrive, I sip a glass of wine and chat with one of the partners from my ex-husband’s firm. Of course, he asks me about my book, and … Continue reading

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What Southern Belles REALLY Do at Bridal Showers

Women are a mysterious race.  We have our own way of communicating, dressing, and dealing with stress.  But if women are mysterious in and of themselves–there is a particular group of women that are downright confounding–Southern Women.  We are in … Continue reading

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Sun, Sand, Sex

This is how I am describing my book to people that ask. Short, direct, and to the point, and for some reason, it really gets men interested in reading it. I wonder if they understand it is fiction? Eh-I don’t … Continue reading

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Did Elin get Too Much, Enough, or Not Enough? And Why We Should Care..or Should We?

The reactions to the Elin Nordegren-Tiger Woods divorce settlement aren’t unexpected. It is in an incredible amount of money and the circumstances surrounding it are fraught with humiliation, scandal, and heartbreak. When speaking of the settlement, people reside in two … Continue reading

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