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The Rarity and Value of Diamonds…

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. ~Confucius

I am having a hard time writing this, an exceptionally hard time.  At first, I couldn’t think of a thing to say, “Yes, me..” Go ahead and laugh but it does happen on occasion.  I guess it is because I feel particularly prone to criticism at the moment or rather..the barbs of criticism.   Let’s face it, I know that there are people reading this who do not wish me well.  They have a smirk on their face wondering what “faux pas” of honesty or vulnerability that I might impart that will cause them to roll their eyes and dismiss me.  However, I refuse to be defined by other people.


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Change is Inevitable

think perhaps the most frightening aspect of life is also the most given–change. I’m a traditionalist. I like things nice and cozy…easy. It’s what keeps me going to the same grocery stores, the same vacation destinations, the same gas … Continue reading

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Life is Short or Is It?

omeone recently related an experience with me ending it with “Life is Short.” In other words, temporary discomfort wasn’t worth enduring in the hopes of finding long term pleasure. For a variety of reasons, this comment stuck with me for … Continue reading

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Right Brained in a Left Brained World…

I’m a rarity in my brainliness (yes- I frickin’ made up that word!  You want to make up words?  Get yer own blog).   I’m a Type A Right Brainer.   That means I’m a schizophrenic, a split personality, a … Continue reading

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“Smart is the new Sexy…”

So, I recently had an argument with one of my married guy friends about sex appeal.  No worries-his wife was standing right there laughing her ass, ahem, herself silly at our interchange.  I’m nothing if not appropriate in my sex … Continue reading

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In my opinion, Fear is the ugliest four letter word which mainly stems from the affinity I have for the other four letter word that starts with “F.” I am sure this confession shocks all of my girlfriend’s down to … Continue reading

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Books Don’t Sell Characters Do…

That was the basic premise of class tonight, and my instructor hammered it home with a simple exercise that I like to call, “Squeeze your character until every ounce of detail oozes out”  Or in my case, “Squeeze your character … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

So time for New Years Resolutions- here are mine: Accessorize more. See? Short, simple and to the point plus an awesome excuse to expand my earring and necklace collection! My theory is that by dressing well, I will want to … Continue reading

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The Struggle for Clarity

I am looking for clarity.  Specifically-a clear reason for why I am the way I am and what it means in the greater picture.  As a writer, I am on a search for meaning and let’s face it validation.  Writers … Continue reading

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It never ceases to amaze me how our expectations are often inverse to our reality. As women, I think our expectations stem from a mixture of optimism, societal pressure and guilt. I was talking with a dear friend about our … Continue reading

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