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In Which She Overcomes the Plague but Not The Guilt

She drags herself from bed throwing on the closest pair of Juicy track pants that look semi clean and her Gucci shades. Slowly, she manages to make the drive to the school for the second time today. The first being … Continue reading

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Hiatus OVER

I apologize to my faithful readers for my seemingly never-ending hiatus; however deadlines must be met, novels must be writ and shoes must be bought.  That being said, with a new outlook and a new layout (that isn’t quite as … Continue reading

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“The old days”

I would really like to know what my five year old means when he says this. Does he mean last week or back in the fifties when the dads worked late and the moms drank a lot of wine? Oh … Continue reading

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My 8 yr. old..

just used the word, lollygag correctly while playing war with his brothers.  I don’t know what I am more proud of the war mongering or the southern fried vocabularly. little men.

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Rules for Wearing Yoga Pants

1.  Yoga pants should fit-not too tight and not too lose.  How do you tell?  Yoga pants that go up your ass crack–are too freakin’ tight and are not appropriate to wear even in the privacy of your own home. … Continue reading

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And So We Begin..Again..

My blog hiatus has been well over a year now, and I felt it was time to dust off the fingers and begin again.  My kids are bigger, louder, and quite possibly more obnoxious than ever.  I still feel that … Continue reading

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