Synopsis-The Dallas Divorcee

img_0577“No man who screws his partners over in business is going to treat his woman or women any other way.”

It’s a harsh reality living under the scrutiny of a close-knit community in Dallas, TX where everyone has a place, label and social status that is assigned not earned.

For Natania Schlessinger and her friends, labels, social status and places are changing as they deal with divorce, marriage, lifelong expectations, and the pressure of keeping their friends close and their enemies closer.

Nat’s divorce threatens to push her over the brink and causes her to do things that she never would have thought possible.  Seeking to find herself while feeling the glaring eyes of judgment from strangers and sometimes even friends, Nat struggles with the reality that escaping her marriage might be much easier than escaping her own demons.  She clutches to her memories and her two boys to steady her, but her fear of the future shakes her to the core.

Red Matthews, Nat’s best friend, has always known the life of comfort and luxury.  Her husband and two children have lived comfortably all their lives, but something is about to change in her marriage and her lifestyle, and she will be forced to reevaluate the life that she has always known-but the life that she hasn’t always wanted.

Arabella Thames has a secret.   A secret that could destroy not only her reputation but the friendships that she has come to rely on in her neighborhood.  Conscious of her outsider appearance coupled with a generous divorce settlement, Arabella has always walked the line, but something or someone is making that difficult these days.  It could be the best thing or the worst thing that ever happened to her, and Arabella is scared it might be both.

Macy St. John can’t sleep.  Financially ruined after a terrible divorce that took her children and her dignity, she is plagued with the feeling of being less in a neighborhood where she once reigned supreme.  Determined to pull herself out of her downward spiral and make something of herself, and she sets her sights on a new opportunity and the town’s most eligible bachelor.  All Macy wants is another chance at Happily Ever After, preferably with money.